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Turn On, Tune In, Drop Dead

In 1969 a rock concert was held in witch-haunted Arkham, Massachusetts. The crowd was treated to performances by stars of the local "scene' such as The Plasma Miasma and The Gyre Falcons. Police believe that psychedelic drugs were consumed. As the drugs and music peaked, Miskatonic University's celebrated Philosophy Professor, Stephen Firth, took the microphone and began to read phrases from a book called "Necronomicon"...

Sources differ on what happened next.

The Miskatonic Acid Test consists of "found footage" of that infamous night; the people, the atmosphere, the music... and the horror.

Currently in post-production for impending premiere.

Visit The Miskatonic Acid Test's Official Website

Elvis in Wonderland

As a public service to fans of music and movies everywhere, American Entropy has unearthed a "lost" Elvis movie. Back in the trippy sixties the Colonel was hot to have Elvis hop on the current trends; the result was Elvis in Wonderland, a visionary psychedelic odyssey that was shelved when the King realized that, "hey, this is about drugs and stuff!" after it was finished. Fortunately, we found a copy and now present it to you...

Envisioned as a cross between Viva Las Vegas and Alice in Acidland, Elvis in Wonderland will feature cool trippy visuals, zany characters from within and without Lewis Carrol's wigged-out classic novels, and an ambitiously wacky soundtrack that makes a serious attempt to envision what a psychedelicized Elvis would sound like.

Currently in pre-production.

The Passion of St. Jim

An ambitious exploration of the myth and legend of Jim Morrison, The Passion of St. Jim is a projected trilogy of loosely interrelated features. The first, Weird Scenes Inside the Presidential Election 1984 is an alternate-history story that imagines "what if" presidential candidate James Douglas Morrison were to debate sitting President Ronald Reagan in 1984... a scenario that is not entirely far-fetched, if Ray Manzarek's plans had come to fruition. The Ghost Dance tells the story of a poetry-based 60's rock band not dissimilar to The Doors (with a lead singer named Jim Morrison), complete with a soundtrack of original music. Finally, The Passion of St. Jim is Jim's dialogue with Death as he lies in his funeral bier (aka his bathtub). All three films will be fast-paced and funny, dark-edged and delirious, and focus on Morrison as poet/shaman rather than Morrison as drunken buffoon. Great fun for both fans and detractors of rock's original Dead Anti-Society Poet.

Weird Scenes Inside the Presidential Election 1984 is currently in pre-production. The Ghost Dance is currently scripting.


Another ultra-ambitious multi-tiered extravaganza, the Trundlementia Project explores the career of a slightly - no, extremely - no, close-to-actionably Beatlesque quartet. The first, tentatively titled Please, Mister Shadow will be a live-action romp with a bold concept - this is the movie that the Beatles would have made between "Help" and "Magical Mystery Tour", an extrapolation of Revolver-era Beatles into cinematic realms heretofore unexplored. Its follow-up, Sea of Dreams, based on DLR's novel, will be a combination of live action, animation, and puppetry and take its predecessor one step forward into 1967 as the Trundles set off on a zany Tolkienesque quest. Third in the series, currently titled Into the On-Beyond, will be a fully animated Trundles adventure in the "Yellow Submarine" mode. Further Trundles projects may also come down the pike. One of the most exciting aspects of the Trundlemania project will be the soundtracks to the movies... we are determined to deliver Beatlesque songs that move beyond mere pastiche, beyond mere echo... songs that will come close to giving fans the "lost" Beatles records they've dreamed about.

Trundlementia One: Please Mister Shadow is currently in pre-production.

Oh, Henry

Poor Henry David Thoreau! His every attempt at pondside solitude is thwarted by a steady stream of wacky neighbors in one of American Entropy's signature "lit-coms", feature films wherein the greats of literature are subjected to the ignominies of seventies-style TV situation comedy. Zaniness ensues as the exasperated Waldenite is subjected to unwanted visits by the likes of Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allen Poe, the "Bronte Bunch", and the ever-annoying Walt Whitman.

Currently scripting.

Dire Wolf

In the quiet bywaters of southern Maine, Deadheads are being murdered. Is it a serial killer... or is it the supernatural force that Heads in the know call Dire Wolf, the dark shadow of Dead mythology? Or something even weirder? The intrepid young investigators of Dark Lord Rob's Dark Force find themselves battling for their lives against a force they can barely comprehend... aided by a very unlikely ally. The first in a projected series of "Dark Force" adventures, which are best envisioned as a serious, real-life version of Scooby-Doo, Dire Wolf will be a very wild, very eerie, extraordinarily fun horror movie with a unique backdrop and an unexpected villain.

Currently scripting.

The Abomination

In the quiet bywaters of southern Maine, something strange lurks in an abandoned mill by the edge of a derelict river. What became of occult-obsessed teenaged genius Billy Butler? What could be the meaning of the strange symbols scrawled in chalk on the floor of a room in the sub-basement, or of this strange piece of grafitti: "Lovecraft was Right"? And what was the horrible thing seen by young Jimmy Scolera on the day his friend Frank DuFresne disappeared? The Abomination will be a genuinely scary Stephen King-meets-Lovecraft horror movie, an attempt at a genuinely unnerving modern horror movie in the Val Lewton style. Lovecraft done right, a film to make your hair stand on end as your mind falls to its knees...

Currently scripting

Howard and Howard

Howard and Howard is a historical comedy that srtarts from an audacious premise: what if pulp authors H.P. Lovecraft (creator of the Cthulhu mythos) and Robert E. Howard (creator of Conan the Barbarian) had been roommates in early-thirties Manhattan? The effete Lovecraft and two-fisted Howard embark on a series of odd-couple adventures.

Currently in pre-production

Bwa Haw Haw - It's what you've always wanted... a Horror version of Hee Haw! (No, the Groovy Goolies don't count). Actually, it's a little bit more ambitious than that... Laugh-in, Monty Python, and Benny Hill style sketches and blackouts, all with a Classic Horror spin... plus musical guests! If you think this is just an excuse for DLR to exercise his love of horror movies and his ability to write cool horror-rock songs (in surf, psych, garage and folk styles no less!) then you're totally right!

Syvia Plath's Laff Shack - The dour poetess hosts a zany variety show featuring music and comedic skits. Join Sylvia and her guests for an hour of laff shack fun! This week featuring the nutty stand-up comedy of Jean-Paul Sartre, the amazing prestidigitation of Ayn Rand, and musical group the Howlin' Ginsbergs! More lit-com insanity.

Me 'n Aleistair - Yet more litcom insanity! What happens when your very best friend in the world is the Ghost of Alistair Crowley? Zaniness, that's what! It's, like, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir plus The Courtship of Eddie's Father plus My Favorite Martian plus it's Aleistair Friggin Crowley for Frig's sake! We're all going to Hell for this.

The Lennon/McCartney Code - a companion piece to Dire Wolf, this movie pits Dark Lord Rob's Dark Force against a weird Beatles-centered cult who have discovered the hidden secrets of the Mersey ouevre.

Secret Marijuana Action Movie - Top secret for now, sorry!

Here be Wytches - Broadway comes to American Entropy, takes a look around, and runs screaming into the night! Here Be Wytches is a musical comedy set in the wiccan community of Salem, Massachusetts. Hope those folks have a sense of humor, or I'm gonna be dodging hexes for decades!

Everything I Know I Learned From Dead Rock Stars - A slight variation on the "Litcom" concept, bringing musicians into the mix. Little Jimmy Whitamore is guided through all of life's little trials by Dead Rock Stars, who appear when called from his Magic CD player. And, of course, always on hand to offer guidance is Jimmy's guardian angel, the Ghost of Jerry Garcia...

Mary Pynchot Meyer: A Rock Opera and Rabbit Cubed - Two feature-length rock-opera explorations of the JFK assassination and its LSD connections, based on as-true-as-we-can-ever-know stories. In the first, a Washington socialite, wife of high-ranked CIA officer, spends an evening exploring inner vistas with President John F. Kennedy (Mary Meyer was a friend of Timothy Leary who intimated that she intended to turn someone very powerful on to LSD; shortly after his death she also was murdered under mysterious circumstances and her diary was stolen and destroyed by the then-head of the Agency. Years later it was revealed that she had indeed been a lover of JFK. Two plus two=?) The second, Rabbit Cubed takes a look at Lee Harvey Oswald 's hypothetical encounter with LSD-25 at the hands of Air Force scientists (Oswald was stationed at Atsugi Air base in Japan, which was one of only two places where the USAF held LSD experiments, and was there at the proper time). Exciting stuff, and perfect subjects for off-the-wall psychedelic filmmaking.

Mister Rogerz' Goddam Hippie Neighbors - The wild adventures of the titular stoners, who live right next to the land of Make Believe (naturally) and interact with crazed puppets and famous people. One reader called the first script "The funniest f***ing thing I've read all year!" Imagine a smarter Cheech and Chong, or a more family-friendly (!) Furry Freak Brothers, crossed with Sid and Marty Croft and you begin to get the idea... or let's say the idea begins to take effect... and the walls start swirling...

Think Hard - The rather odd title of this derives from DLR's original intention, which was to make a sort of philosophical remake of "Die Hard!", pitting an intelligent Deadhead against the intellectual terrorism of the literati at a Manhattan soiree. Sort of like psychedelic Noel Coward, or Dorothy Parker meets Peter Sellers' The Party (go track down a copy); Manhattan wittery versus Deadhead grooviness (guess who wins in the end!) Takes place in real time in one set. Very cost-effective.

The Adventures of Nietzsche Man - Great Zarathustra! Another litcom! Each week the will-powered superhero battles the weak and criminal! This feature is a compilation of the three-part episode "Rampage of the Randroids", where NM has to protect philanthropist Irish rock star Bozo ("It's pronounced 'Bozzo'") from robots and self-interested supervillains.

McTaggart - Part Seinfeld, part Larry Sanders, all radical... a sitcom-style adventure starring a stand-up comic... only McTaggart is a blisteringly radical political comic in the Carlin/Maher/Bill Hicks mode... only even more nastily cynical. The movie details his handlers' attempts to keep him from getting censored/arrested/them fired, as he takes on the contented and powerful.

After our first wave of productions we will begin developing much larger-budgeted projects; we'll still be working at a fraction of Hollywood's budgets but the films will be bigger, bigger, BIGGER. Some of the projects from this phase will include:

Count Dracula: Superspy -Action-packed fun as Dark Lord Rob combines two venerable 60's filmic genres, spy movies and Hammer horror! Gadgets, babes, guns, blood and Transylvanian wit!

Keeper: A Mastiff's Tale - To shake things up a bit, this is a literate family film a la "The Secret Garden". It's the generally true story of Emily Bronte and her mastiff, Keeper, and it's a tale that flips the standard "Old Yeller" format on its head; the dog doesn't die, everybody else does! Read DLR's novella The Saga of Keeper- it doesn't take long.

Spacedog - an exciting animated space adventure based on DLR's longest-running online serial. A trio of "talking" dogs and an alien teenager dodge both the Galactic empire and the reptilian Garlakki in this Heinleinesque space opera. Read the novel Spacedog.

Doctor Hoffman's Magical Bicycle Ride - based on a true story, this animated psychedelic rock opera telling through wacked-out visuals what (may have) happened when Dr. Albert Hoffman tested a new substance he'd developed called "LSD-25" by taking an (unintentionally) large dose and biking home from his lab. Inspired by the sounds of early Pink Floyd. Read a novella version here.

Li'l Kafka - Anarchic satire detailing one intelligent youngster's battles with the fascistic idiocy of the American public school system, where nail clippers, aspirin, and free thought are all dangerous contraband.

Deadhead 2097 - Science-Fiction adventures in the year 102 A.J. (After Jerry), a future where the Deadhead lifestyle has become a society unto itself, an Utopia at odds with the fundamentalist state of New Jerusalem. Based on DLR's novel.

A Wizard on the Edge of Time - A fantasy adventure inspired by Yes and Uriah Heep album covers!?! Tolkien by way of 70's progressive rock!

Raiders of the Lost Chord - Just what the title promises; an action-adventure with cosmic overtones, and a background in the psychedelic rock of the 60's. I won't tell much more and spoil things; suffice to say that it's going to be exciting and insane!

Dark Lord Rob's Mind Commandos - It's psychedelic Tom Clancy, it's "24"on mescaline as Dark Lord Rob's intrepid team of psychenauts utilize the latest in psychedelic advances to travel the inner realm and battle various threats to humanity. First adventure: the Mind Commandos are called togetether to stop an assasination attempt - on God!

Deathmarked- A two-fisted action/thriller about a young man who, by doing the right thing at the wrong time, places himself square in the sights of an underground cabal of serial killers, one with tentacles that seem to stretch into every corner of society. For survival he learns the tricks of a guerilla fighter, and soon the hunters are the hunted... it's a seat-edge tale that manages to deliver a substantial amount of speculative modern history as well; you'll never look at your neighbors the same way again!

Steel and Fire - an allegorical biker/western that'll play out as a wild combination of Roger Corman and Sergio Leone. Read the script.

A Song for the God of Robots - Another rock opera; this time, an allegory about the dawning of android consciousness, with a soundtrack influenced by Space Rock greats like Hawkwind.

Crawford and Davis: Detectives - A fun alternative-universe noir comedy where failed acress Bette Davis and Joan Crawford have teamed up to solve crimes in 1930's Hollywood. Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy ride...

The Dark Festival - a Ray Bradbury-influenced dark fanstasy; every year the Shadow People gather for the titular festival, in a place that exists nowhere and is only accesible through the dim reaches of darkened closets and the shadows beneath the cellar stairs. It's a party the Addam's Family would be proud of...

Halloween People - an adventure/quest story set in a world of perpetual Halloween, albiet one that's more Tolkien than Tim Burton.

Trasker: To the Stars! - A grand Space Opera in the style of classic Star Trek. Our first adventure finds Captain Joshua Trasker's diplomatic efforts put to the test as he strives to stem the violence and terrorism that surrounds a galactic... poetry contest !?!